70 years old

Luis came to the US 30 years ago. A lobster fishermen living in the keys, he rented rooms in a building with several tenants. One of those rooms was occupied by an American couple living in an abusive relationship. On one occasion they got into a very heated altercation where the male left the female badly beaten. Luis went upstairs and took care of her wounds and explained to her that it had become very evident that they couldn’t stay any longer because other tenants were complaining, etc., and that he would help her find another place. She decided to report him to Immigration because she knew he was illegal. He was arrested and sent to Krome.

When I spoke with him I told him that he could potentially argue his position and try to fight to keep everything he built over the years, to which he replied; “I’m seventy years old. I’m realistic.” I couldn’t finish the drawing. He was deported three days later.

Jose Alvarez (D.O.P.A.), Luis, Mexico, 2012, Ball point pen on paper.