Rabarama in The Park

Dec 16, 2008 - Apr 12, 2009
Boca Raton Museum of Art

The haunting sculptures of Italian artist Rabarama capture the viewer's imagination with their silent, frozen postures. Her human figures are both clothed and naked, covered with multicolored patterns, arabesques, numbers, letters, mazes and puzzles. Like sequence symbols of a genetic code, Rabarama's patterns and puzzles stem from the artist's fascination with genetics, the molecular metamorphosis of ever changing life, and the process of transformation. These figures ask the viewer to reflect on the nature of the individual, and on life as a labyrinth or journey, which is written on each of us. Rabarama, whose real name is Paola Epifani, studied at the Academia di Belle Arti, Venice, and today, lives and works in Padua, Italy. Over the last decade, Rabarama's sculpture has been drawing crowds internationally in Milan, Rome, Paris, Beijing, Shanghai, Venice, Amentea (Calabria), Caracas, and Geneva.

Four monumental figures were featured throughout Mizner Park, while ten works were installed in the Museum's street-front window gallery and the outdoor sculpture garden. All works were on loan from Vecchiato Art Galleries, Padua, Italy.


Rabarama's "Evoluzioni (Evolution)" at the Boca Raton Museum of Art

RABARAMA (Italian, 1969- ), Evoluzioni (Evolution), 2006, painted bronze, edition 2/8, height 11 inches. Courtesy of Vecchiato Art Galleries, Padua, Italy