James Rosenquist's "High Technology and Mysticism: A Meeting Point"

Nov 23, 2013 - Apr 6, 2014
Boca Raton Museum of Art

This portfolio of seven prints feature Pop artist James Rosenquist's characteristic use of varied images assembled to create a dizzying collage. Speaking of the portfolio in 1982 he said:

The questions I hope to raise in this work are: how will our relationship with computer education, the young people's fascination with electronic games, and the need for robots change our lives? People are still animals. In the future, however, will we select hi-tech surroundings, or prefer to live like lambs in a meadow? How will high technology relate to religion? In Eastern philosophy, one can reincarnate into people, animals, and plants. A big question is could it go a step further?

Little did Rosenquist know when he created these visual metaphors for the intersection of the electronic with the bucolic, how information technology would soon infiltrate nearly every aspect of life.


James Rosenquist's "High Technology and Mysticism: A Meeting Point"

James Rosenquist (American, born 1933), Above from "High Technology and Mysticism: A Meeting Point," 1981, photo-offset lithograph, ed. 149/150, 28 x 28 inches, Gift of Mr. and Mrs. Gerry Hoffman, 2000.075b