David Maxwell: To The Point

Jan 27- Jul 19, 2009
Boca Raton Museum of Art

Once you've seen a David Maxwell painting close up, you'll never look at painting the same way again. Often called a "contemporary Seurat," Maxwell (American, born in Chicago 1941-2006) painted the contemporary world in a meticulous pointillist technique. Thousands of perfect little dots come together to depict South Florida cityscapes and construction sites which Maxwell first photographed, as an aid to developing his compositions. Maxwell's mundane everyday images and his technique of transferring his images from photographs have caused his work to be associated with Photorealism. But, his technique of painting small circular dots, slightly larger than pinheads, makes his works unique precisionist masterpieces. Self taught, Maxwell began painting while working fulltime in concrete construction. For almost three decades, he was one of South Florida's most acclaimed artists, consistently winning national awards. This exhibition presented fourteen unforgettable paintings.


David Maxwell's "T.Y. Saurus" at the Boca Raton Museum of Art

David Maxwell (American, 1941-2006), T.Y. Saurus triptych, 1999, casein tempera on panels, 28 x 71 ½ inches. Courtesy of Uptown Gallery, New York City