All Florida Invitational

Jul. 17-Sep. 25, 2016
Boca Raton Museum of Art

The Boca Raton Museum of Art’s annual All Florida exhibition, which has been presented at the Museum since 1951, has long been a hallmark for artists in the Sunshine State. Artists creating in all media eagerly await the opening of the show’s submission period year after year, now they can look forward to an invitation. As an institution founded by artists, a more appropriate way to honor and present the artists in the state is to adapt the format to introduce an artist-centered curatorial selection committee. Participants in this year's All Florida Invitational were selected by a panel of five internationally-recognized, Florida-based artists. Each of these distinguished artists then selected five early-career artists also working in our state. The All Florida Invitational brings the work of the artist-selection committee alongside the work of the artists they believe show great promise.

The All Florida Invitational 2016 presents works by: 
Elisabeth Condon, Tampa and Brooklyn 
            Michael Covello, Tampa
            Cindy Mason, St. Petersburg
            Shawn Pettersen, Sarasota
            Claudia Ryan, Bradenton
            Carmen Tiffany, Miami
Edouard Duval-Carrié, Miami 
            Emilio Martinez, Miami
            Kerry Phillips, Miami
            Vickie Pierre, Miami
            Onajide Shabaka, Miami
            Nina Surel, Miami
Christopher Harris, Orlando 
            Anthea Behm, Gainesville
            Jay Flynn, Pensacola
            Jon Perez, Orlando
            Christina Poindexter, St. Petersburg
            Jamilah Sabur, Miami
Carol Prusa, Boca Raton 
            Carola Bravo, Miami
            Amy Gross, Delray Beach
            Carlene Muñoz, Miami
            Jill Lavetsky, Lake Worth
            Bonnie Seeman, Ceramics
Sergio Vega, Gainesville
            Kate Helms, Tampa
            Sean Miller, Gainesville
            Michelle Kelly Rogers, Florida
            Marla Rosen and Eddie Negron, Miami
            Jack Stenner, Gainesville


All Florida Invitational

Elisabeth Condon, Elephant Path, 2014. Acrylic, ink and glitter on canvas, 79 x 98 in. Courtesy of Emerson-Dorsch.