Student Exhibition and Bridges
Feb. 20 - Mar. 14
Art School

BRIDGES Exhibition
Creating a bridge can mean something intended to reconcile or form a connection. Bridges is a timely project, and very significant for this time in history.

Bridges to nowhere
Bridges to somewhere
Bridges to everywhere
Bridges of steel
Bridges of friendship
Bridges of trust

Bridges symbolize migration, movement, traveling afar, coming home. Bridges can suggest more than a static object, yet always imply somewhere to go. Let art heal the way...

Student Exhibition
Each month the Art School presents a selections of artworks created in our studios. Students from every class are invited to participate in one exhibit each year, including beginners, intermediate, and advanced students. 

This exhibition features work by students from the following instructors:

Ceramics   Sandy Levine

Drawing      Janet Onofrey, Barbara Wasserman & Genie Appel-Cohen

Jewelry       Jessica Noelle

Painting     Jacalyn Gmoch, Teresa Kirk & Ralph Papa

Textiles       Andrea Huffman

Join us on Wednesday, Feb. 20th  from 5:30 to 7:30 pm to celebrate the work of our students during the opening reception.


Student Exhibition and Bridges

Arts School Student Exhibition

Student Exhibition and Bridges

Bridges Exhibition, Miles Laventhall's Master Classes students