Nicolas Carone: An Artist and Tastemaker at the Center of the New York School
Sunday, Apr. 29 / 3:00–4:00 pm
Boca Raton Museum of Art

David Ramm, the author of a biographical article on Nicolas Carone for Current Biography magazine, discusses how Nicolas Carone's long career in painting, drawing, and sculpture exemplified the imagery, techniques, and spiritual vision associated with the New York School. A Zelig-like figure in the 1950s New York scene, the breathtaking work he did in the last five years of his life – between the ages of 88 and 93, after years of being legally blind – testifies to the enduring vitality of the Abstract Expressionist mode as well as the complex dynamic between an artist’s need for private creation and public recognition.

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Untitled by Nick Carone

Nick Carone, Untitled, 1959, Oil on linen. Courtesy of the Estate of Nicolas Carone and Loretta Howard Gallery, New York, NY.