Cultivating the Wild: William Bartram's Travels
Friday, Nov. 30 / 2:00–3:30 pm
Boca Raton Museum of Art

Cultivating the Wild: William Bartram’s Travels (2018, NR, 58 min.)

Watch the "rough cut review" and participate in the making of this documentary. From 1773 to 1777, artist explorer William Bartram traveled across the Southeast, finding a landscape that would be almost inconceivable today. His 1791 book, Travels, fostered the development of a truly American strain of natural history, transcending scientific boundaries to deeply influence the writers and intellectuals of the time. This documentary shows how an 18th century naturalist and visionary continues to inspire Southern environmentalists.

Special Treat: Following the film, there is a guest appearance and special discussion with the film’s Producer/Director/Editor Eric Breitenbach.

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Cultivating the Wild: William Bartram's Travels