African & Pre-Columbian

The African collection contains works from all major art-producing regions of sub-Saharan Africa, including Mali, Ivory Coast, Liberia, Burkina Faso, Guinea, Cameroon, Nigeria and Zaire. The strength of the collection is in West African ritual masks and figures, accoutrements of leadership, ritual and utilitarian objects with most of the collection dating from approximately the last 100 years.

The Boca Raton Museum's collection includes a stellar grouping of more than 350 Pre-Columbian works with half gifted from the collection of Jean and David Colker. The collection, dated from as early as the Pre-Classic period (2000 BCE to 250 CE) and up to the Post-Classic period (900 to 1500 CE), includes polychrome ceremonial vessels, finely modeled clay tomb figures and utilitarian and ritual objects. As a whole, the works represent the cultural and artistic production throughout Mesoamerica­­­–the Mexican, Maya and Central American peoples–and more specifically: West Mexico, Guatemala, Costa Rica, the Yucatán Peninsula and Honduras.