Joined Pair of Figures

Jalisco, West Mexico
100 BCE-300 CE, On View
Boca Raton Museum of Art

This highly detailed pair is from the shaft tombs in the Jalisco-Zacatecas border area in West Mexico. Shaft tombs are vertical shafts dug between 10 and 65-feet into the ground and opens into 1 or 2 low-ceiling chambers. Pairs of figures are common to the area and typically have the Ameca-Etzatlan characterized style of elongated flat-top heads, large carved eyes, straight naturalistic noses and open mouths displaying incised teeth. The head is the visual focus on Jalisco ceramic sculptures as illustrated by the proportionally larger head. Wearing characteristic crested headdresses, with the male distinguished by a horn, both figures have body scarification, tattoos, beaded knee and armbands and ear spools. Such ornamentation served as marks of social status and ceremonial accessories.

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Joined Pair of Figures
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Pre-Columbian joined pair figures

Joined Pair of Figures, Pre-Classic Period, Jalisco, West Mexico, 100 BCE-300 CE, earthenware, 18 x 11 1/2 x 16 in., Gift of Jean and David Colker, 2000.113