About the Collection

The strength of the Boca Raton Museum’s collection of over 4,500 works of art rests in modern and contemporary art fostered through the generosity of several donors over the last three decades. 

At the core of the modern and contemporary collection is the 2007 Isadore and Kelly Friedman Bequest. The works from artists throughout Europe and the Americas featured in this bequest are distinguished by their high level of quality and importance.  Later donations of contemporary art from Dr. Carl and Shirley Schwartz in 2013 and Evelyn Aimis in 2015 greatly enhanced the scope and importance of the collection bringing fine examples of art created in the 21st century.

Numbering more than 1,500 images, the Museum's photography collection is the largest collecting area spanning the entire era of the medium, from early processes to large-scale contemporary works, and offers a range of photographic methods from documentary to conceptual, along with a selection of historical camera equipment.

The sampling of American and European art with strengths in early 20th-century Modernism was formed in 1989 with the donation of the Dr. and Mrs. John J. Mayers Collection. Furthermore, the latest gift in 2016 of 25 monumental outdoor sculptures from Carole and Barry Kaye allowed for a reinstallation of the Museum’s Sculpture Garden in Mizner Park as well as on the property of the Museum Art School.

The collection also features two excellent collections of African and Pre-Columbian objects. The African collection contains masks and figures from the Ivory Coast, Liberia, Nigeria, and Zaire, with most dating from approximately the last 100 years. The Pre-Columbian collection includes a stellar assortment of works gifted from the collection of Jean and David Colker. Dating from the Pre-Classic period (2000 BCE–250 CE) up to the Post-Classic period (900–1500 CE), the collection includes polychrome ceremonial vessels, modeled clay tomb figures, and utilitarian objects from Mexico, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Peru, and Honduras.