Guild Gallery Exhibition Rules

Revised 06/10/2019



  1. An artist who fails to follow the rules will receive a written warning.
  2. Artists who remove unsold work prior to the end of a show are automatically suspended from exhibiting in the Artists Guild Gallery shows for one year.
  3. No refunds of any kind are due to a suspended artist.
  4. If the artist continues to disregard the rules, the Artists Guild reserves the right to suspend the artist from future participation in Gallery shows.

Quality Control of Your Artwork

  1. All submitted artwork must be in excellent condition and professionally presented. Framed art must be in saleable condition - no nicks, scratches or flimsy frames.
  2. Hanging wires must be appropriate for the size and weight of the piece and should be attached 1/3 down on the frame, hang a minimum 2-1/2” from the top of the frame and be taped on the ends.
  3. Canvas without frames must have all four edges  finished (painted) with no visible staples unless unpainted white canvas is an integral part of the artwork. If tape is used, it must fit perfectly around the edges.
  4. Mats must be clean of any marks or stains and paper backings where appropriate must be free of tears.
  5. Sculptures must be pinned onto their bases and have no chips, cracks or scratches.
  6. The Guild tries to identify quality control problems at initial Take In, but if a quality control issue is identified prior or during the hanging process, the piece may be removed from the show.
  7. All artwork must be clearly labeled on the reverse side with Artist’s Name, Title, Medium and Price.

Pricing Your Work

  1. Entries in Artists Guild shows are not to be offered for sale at discount prices. We are not a discount art gallery.
  2. Evaluate your work reasonably and appropriately. Look at what other work of a similar nature may be selling for; the difficulty of the work you are producing; the cost of materials and the hours put into the work.
  3. In pricing your work, consider discounts offered at the Gallery - 10% donation of sale price to the Museum; –10% automatic discount for Boca Museum members and licensed designers or any  discount greater than 10% that you may choose to give.  For outside venues, know what commission, if any, the venue takes. (Usually 20%)

Entry of Work into Shows

  1. Entry forms are on the website (  Carefully review the forms for entry deadlines and delivery date and time.  Entry Fee by credit card is due at the time of entry. If paying by check, it must be received no later than 2 days prior to Take-In 
  2. Entry Forms: Please use Upper and Lower case only (do not use all capital or all lower case letters).

Format for phone # is 561-111-2222 and the format for dimensions 36x24 –with no (“) inch sign.

Maximum length for Titles and Medium is 26 characters.  The wall labels print exactly from the entry form.  Please help make this work smoothly.

  1. For the Gallery, you may enter two main pieces. The juror will decide whether to accept one or both pieces.
  2. If your entry won either a J.R. or H.M. in any past Gallery show, it may still be eligible to win a 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place award. Please make note on entry form what award #1 or #2 received.  Thank you.
  3. If your piece won an award in a prior show, what award did it win? Please indicate on your entry form.

Main Entries in Gallery

  1. Minimum pricing is $250; Main entries must be original work and can be entered twice in 1 fiscal year.
  2. For 2D main entries, the combined total area of the pieces must not exceed 4500 square inches.
  3. You may submit one diptych or triptych and one single piece, but the total for all pieces may not exceed the 4500 square inch limit.
  4. Giclee or reproductions (A. P.) may not be entered as main entries except photography, and then a limited edition of 10 which must be marked 1/10, 2/10…10/10
  5. 3D artwork- only one of the two entered pieces may be extended 1x to a second consecutive show, if accepted by the juror.
  6. All 2D artwork must be clearly labeled on the upper reverse side with Artist’s Name, Title, Medium and Price

Artist Choice (AC) in Gallery 

  1. AC pieces are guaranteed acceptance into each show. Minimum pricing is $50.00. 
  2. When you enter 2D art in the main show, you may also enter a total of three AC pieces:
    (2 shelf & 1 bin) or (1 Shelf & 2 bin) or 3 Bin –
    All art must be labeled on the back -Artist Name, Title, Medium and Price.
    Shelf Pieces may be small canvas, Giclée’s or framed pieces, properly wired; 
    one may be a  - maximum of 18” in either direction, and the second a maximum 16”, in either dimension      
    Bin Pieces matted or canvas piece, without wire must be wrapped (shrink wrap or plastic),
    Maximum bin size 30"x30", maximum ¾” canvas depth
  3. When you enter 3D art only in the main show, you may also enter three AC sculptures, maximum  24” in height, for display on a shelf or a pedestal, as space permits.
  4. A diptych 2D or 3D piece may be entered in the AC provided that the two pieces are hinged or on a single base.

Jewelry Entries for display in our Cases

  1. Jewelers may enter up to 5 pieces of fine art jewelry, 2 of which are eligible for awards as main entries. If a jeweler enters 2D or 3D art in the main show, the artist may also enter up to 3 AC pieces of  jewelry.
  2. Depending on the number of jewelry artists who join the gallery, the number of jewelry pieces accepted in a show may have to be reduced.

Delivery of Art Work – Gallery Take-In

  1. Take-In is the term we use for the day when artwork is brought to the Gallery for submission and jurying, and for picking up work from the prior show.
  2. 9:00-9:30am Sculptors and jewelers only may park and bring their art into the gallery.
  3. 2D artists are NOT to park their cars during Take-In  
  4. After 9:30am 2D artists will be directed to an area where volunteer staff will take both main pieces and any Artist Choice (AC) pieces from your car and entered in the show. They will bring any artwork you have from the prior show to you. Please tell the volunteer how many pieces of art including Artist Choice you are picking up.
  5. After the jurying of the show and awarding of ribbons, a list of all accepted work will be emailed to the artists.


  1. If one of your pieces is not accepted into the show, you must return to the Gallery that afternoon to pick it up. We do not have the space to store artwork and cannot be responsible for artwork that is not picked up promptly.
  2. The Gallery is opened to the public on the afternoon of take-in; the opening reception is generally held on the Friday night following take-in, but the day may occasionally vary so be sure to check the entry form or staffing/events  calendar for the date of the opening reception.

Associate & Signature Members-  Outside Venues (subject to change)

Members must be current with their Boca Raton Art Museum and Artists Guild Fees

  1. Boca Raton High School shows - an educational venue shared with HS students twice  a year (fall & spring)
  2. Sugar Sand Park
  3. Highland Beach Library

Signature Member - Outside Venues

  1. Living Room Theater, FAU campus - 10 shows a year
  2. Art Serve Gallery, Fort Lauderdale

Participating Signature Members – P/S

  1. All Participating Signature Artists must be current with the Annual Gallery participation donation.
  2. P/S members must have Gallery Training and arrange for Staffing Dates in the Gallery.
  1. For Training – Contact – [email protected]
  2. For Staffing Assignments – Contact – [email protected]


                      Check the website www/– look under Governance for “Staffers for Hire”

Please check the Staffing Calendar and Events Calendar regularly on our website.

The Guild is a volunteer organization.

An organization to succeed needs the support and help from all its members.

We thank you for always supporting us in whatever you can do.

Whatever your skills are we would like you to share them with us.


Current Officers

Executive Officers, Board of Directors 
and Committee Chairs 2019

updated 6/27/2019

Executive Officers and Directors

President: Marcia Lamel - [email protected]

Treasurer: Flo Roghaar (561) 750-8392 -  [email protected]
Mailing address for checks is:

Florence Roghaar
417 SW 7th Terrace
Boca Raton, FL  33486

Secretary: Jane Kaminsky (561) 558-6570 - [email protected]

Other Board Members / Committee Chairs

Membership: Kathy Picchi - [email protected]

Calendar/Staffing: Lynn Holland (561) 638-9927 - [email protected]

Gallery Director:  William Hutcheon (845)514-3173 - [email protected]

Juror Selection:  Trish Kahn (954) 551-2196 - [email protected]

PR/Events: Steven Nash (561) 218-2337 - [email protected]

Communications: L. A. Cline (954)850-1056 - [email protected]

Receptions: Oksana Urban (561) 312-8811 [email protected]

Signature Level Jurying: Judith Hochroth (954) 695-7009 [email protected]

The Artists Guild Gallery Staff for Hire

To request specific dates and times of a workshift or to inform the chairperson of a vacation / work conflict or switch of a shift with fellow member, please contact:
Lynn Holland - Calendar Email: [email protected] 

If you would like to add your name to this list please contact The Gallery Director.

The Artists Guild Gallery Staff for Hire

Kathryn Carlyle (561) 245-1077 or email  [email protected]
Mail to:
169 SE 1st Ave
Delray Beach, FL  33444-3607

Lynn or Lenny Holland  (561) 638-9927 or email  [email protected] or [email protected]
Mail to:
7767 Doubleton Drive
Delray Beach, FL 33446

Trish Kahn (954) 551-2196 or email [email protected]
Mail to:
Trish Kahn
2017 Exeter A
Boca Raton, FL 33434

Jane Smith Kaminsky (561) 558-6570 or email [email protected]

Mail to:  Jane Kaminsky

250 N.E. 20th Street #127

Boca Raton, FL 33431