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African, Oceanic and Meso-American Treasures from the Permanent Collection


BUNDU HELMET MASK, mende peoples, Sierra Leone, 20th century, polished and blackened hardwood, height 14 ˝ inches. Permanent Collection. Gift of Mr. and Mrs. Hy Klebanow

ETOWAH ANCESTRAL EFFIGY FIGURES, Mississippian mound building culture, Etowah tribe, Georgia, 1200-1400 C.E., dolomite stone with traces of pigment, heights 24 and 16 ˝ inches. Permanent Collection. Gift of Mr. and Mrs. Irwin A. Weiser

SKULL RACK,New Guinea, latmul people, Middle Sepik River, Late 19th-early 20th century, wood, human hair, fiber, shells and traces of red pigment, width 7 foot 6 inches. Permanent Collection. Gift of Mr. and Mrs. Stephan Lion

ZOOMORPHIC PEDESTAL VESSEL WITH ANIMAL HANDLE, Pre-Columbian, Guanacaste, Costa Rica, Circa 1200-1400, ceramic with polychrome pigments, 14 x 19 inches. Permanent Collection. Gift of Mr. and Mrs. Irwin A.Weiser

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