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Class Material Lists

Winter/Spring 2015

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4.12     Pottery an Clay Sculpture: Catalina Aguirre Hoffman 
4.13     Pottery an Clay Sculpture: Catalina Aguirre Hoffman
4.16     Pottery an Clay Sculpture: Stephen Futej
4.17     Pottery an Clay Sculpture: Stephen Futej
4.62     Pottery an Clay Sculpture: Raheleh T. Filsoofi
4.63     Pottery an Clay Sculpture: Catalina Aguirre Hoffman


2.01     Basic Drawing: Jane McIntyre 
2.05     Beyond Basic Drawing: Jane McIntyre
2.07     Figure Drawing: Expressive Drawing Techniques: Teresa Kirk
2.17     Intermediate Portrait Drawing: Kris Smith
2.18     Fashion Illustration & Design: Amy Berkowitz
2.28     Figure Drawing: Pavol Ouporov & Suzanne Scherer
2.50     Figure Drawing: Expressive Drawing Techniques: Barbara Wasserman
2.51     Zen Doodle: Christine Lyons
2.52     Drawing for Absolute Beginners: Chris Lopez
2.53     Graphic Novels - Cartooning: Gwen Seuling
2.54     Drawing at the Museum: Chris Lopez
2.56     Drawing for Absolute Beginners: Misoo Filan
2.57     Drawing for Absolute Beginners: Chris Lopez
3.78     Surrealistic Drawing: Barbara Wasserman


5.09     Art Metal Clay Jewelry in Bronze: Jane Levy 
5.10     Art Metal Clay Jewelry in Bronze: Jane Levy
5.11     Art Metal Clay Jewelry in Bronze: Jane Levy
5.13     Art Metal Clay Jewelry(Advanced): Jane Levy
5.15     Gemstone Cutting: Lapidary Techniques: Don Dietz
5.16     Intermediate Jewelry Techniques: Don Dietz
5.18     Jewelry Fabrication: Don Dietz
5.19     Jewelry Fabrication: Don Dietz
5.22     Enameling: Marjory Yovin
5.23     Chainmaking: Marjory Yovin
5.25     Jewelry Fabrication: Joseph Brandom
5.35     Cool, Funky Jewelry: Christine Lyons
5.55     Glass Fusing: Christine Lyons


3.02     Abstract Painting/Modern Painting: Eydi Lampasona 
3.03     Abstract Painting/Modern Painting: Eydi Lampasona
3.14     Acrylic Painting: Discover Your Personal Style: Carla Golembe
3.15     Acrylic Painting: Discover Your Personal Style: Carla Golembe
3.20     Basic Painting: Jane McIntyre
3.25     Basic Painting: Diane Reeves
3.26     Basic Painting: Diane Reeves
3.27     Basic Painting: Diane Reeves
3.83     Basic Painting: Misoo Filan
3.16     Color: The Language of Painting: Roxene Sloate
3.29     Egg Tempera Painting and Gilding:  Pavol Ouporov & Suzanne Scherer
3.01     Expressive Figure Painting: Barbara Wasserman
3.28     Flower Painting: Diane Reeves
3.21     Intermediate Painting: Jane McIntyre
3.00     Intermediate Painting: Creativity Without Bounds: Miles Laventhall
1.46     Intermediate Painting: Creativity Without Bounds: Miles Laventhall
3.12     Intermediate Painting: Creativity Without Bounds: Miles Laventhall
3.13     Intermediate Painting: Creativity Without Bounds: Miles Laventhall
3.75     Portrait Painting: Kris Smith
3.76     Portrait Painting: Kris Smith
3.40     Tile and China Painting: Mary Belle Cordell
3.30     Traditional Techniques of Painting: Pavol Ouporov & Suzanne Scherer
3.50     Watercolor: Teresa Kirk
3.80     Watercolor: Anita Lovitt
3.51     Watercolor - Intermediate: Teresa Kirk
3.81     Watercolor - Plein Air: Anita Lovitt

Masters' Studio

3.05 - 3.08     Masters' Studio: Miles Laventhall 


1.50     Basic Photography: Allan Pierce
1.51     Basic Photography: Allan Pierce
1.63     Basic Photography: Gregory Ross
1.53     Intermediate Photography: Allan Pierce
1.54     Intermediate Photography: Allan Pierce
1.58     Intermediate Photography: Gregory Ross
1.56     Learning From Master Photographers: Allan Pierce
1.64     Source Material for Painters and Sculptors: Allan Pierce

Printmaking & Collage

1.44     Collage an Assemblage: Eydi Lampasona
1.45     Collage an Assemblage: Eydi Lampasona
1.40     Monotype and Monoprint: Eydi Lampasona
1.47     Relief Printmaking: Ron Garrett
1.43     Relief Printmaking: Ron Garrett


4.60     Stone Carving: Willie Reed 
4.61     Wood Carving: Willie Reed

Specialty Classes

1.32     Flower Arranging: Pinky Shmerler 
1.48     Fiber Art: Pinky Shmerler


8.40     Florida Black Coral Jewelry: Don Dietz
8.97     Florida Black Coral Jewelry: Don Dietz
8.01     Introduction to Printmaking: Ron Garrett
8.91     Techniques of Oil Painting: Walter O'Neill
8.99     Egg Tempera Painting: Suzanne Scherer
8.94     Fabric Wall Hanging: Andrea Huffman
8.98     More Than a Snapshot: Take Better Photos: Allan Pierce
8.05     Fundamentals of Drawing: Diane Reeves
8.06     Fundamentals of Drawing: Diane Reeves
8.07     Fundamentals of Color Mixing: Diane Reeves
8.08     Fundamentals of Color Mixing: Diane Reeves
8.51     Ceramic Holiday Platter: Catalina Aguirre Hoffman
8.41     Fun Casting: Don Dietz
8.02     Introduction to Acrylic Painting: Eydi Lampasona 
8.93     Portrait Drawing in Charcoal: Bryan Drury
8.96     Heartwood - Incorporating Wood into Jewelry: Joshua Craig
8.90     Fresco Painting: Walter O'Neill
8.95     Photographing Your Artwork: Allan Pierce


7.40     Teen Photography: Gregory Ross
7.50     Teen Cool, Funky Jewelry: Christine Lyons
7.52     Teen Photography: From Runway to the Goal Line: Allan Pierce



Special Needs

1.05     Creative Expression for Ages 8 - 12 with Mild to Moderate Autism: Maria Saraceni
1.06     Creative Expression for Ages 13 - 17 with Mild to Moderate Autism: Maria Saraceni

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