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Art Matters


We acknowledge with sincere gratitude the following people who have already played their part in supporting the Art Matters appeal to raise underwriting for the Museum’s comprehensive education programs.

Terry and Shelly Adelman Molly Foreman-Kozel Suzanne Lanigan Lemoyne and Jay Scheiner
Leonore and Howard E. Adler Leslie and Bernard Friedman Gail W. Lee and Richard Lee Schmidt Family Foundation
Doreen and Robert Alrod Joan and Sam Ginsburg Susan Lochrie Sidney and Jacqueline Wolgin Foundation
Joan and Burton August Ruth Goldberg Cynthia and George Marks Naomi Solomon
Janet Barsky Jody and Martin Grass Karen Mashkin Edith and Martin B. Stein
Sylvia and William Beckman Peg and Lee Greenspon Florence Paley Dalia and Duane J. Stiller
Deon Bezaguet Marie A. Iandoli Edith Peiser Howard and Judith Udell
Susan and Peter Brockway Pamela and Joseph S. Janoura Tandy and Joseph Robinson Renette Verhaeghe
Judith and Bernard Caesar Romaine and Howard Kaufman Myrna and Stuart Rodkin Leonore and Herbert L. Wachtel
Tricia and Kevin Lane Cooper Stuart Kirsner Gloria and David Rosen Marlene and Richard Waller
Harvey and Estelle Cooperstone Andrea Kline Isabel Rubel Kim and Randall Waltuch
Moira and John A. DeCesare Phyllis and Norton Klotz Phyllis and Jerry Rubin Melany Whitney
Rhoda and Jerry Dersh Sara Jo Kobacker Linda Heinze Sandelman Judith M. Zachs

To make your contribution, click Donate below; call 561.392.2500 ext. 202 or simply mail your check to Boca Museum of Art, Art Matters Appeal, 501 Plaza Real, Boca Raton, FL 33432.

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The Boca Museum of Art demonstrates that art matters in so many ways, but most importantly in the essential role we play in providing stimulating and inspiring arts education.

Arts education positively affects students motivation, attitudes, and overall academic success, while enriching the lives of every generation.

Art is not a luxury, but rather an indispensable form of expression and communication that everyone needs to experience in order to develop a creative approach to life.

Art matters
Play your part.
Please support arts education in your community.

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Students involved with the arts do better in school and are four times more likely to be recognized for academic achievement, participate in math and science fairs, and win an award for writing an essay or poem.

The Boca Museum of Art funds school field trips for several thousand students each year, engaging children with interactive gallery activities, tours, and studio art experiences. Each student brings home free family passes to allow repeat visits.

We offer over one hundred innovative web-accessible, lesson plans for educators, plus teacher-training sessions highlighting creative ways to explore new ideas and concepts in the classroom.

Art matters
Play your part.
Please support arts education for your children.

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The benefits of an art-filled life continue far beyond childhood. 

The Boca Museum of Art consistently offers a diverse range of interesting and multi-disciplinary adult programs.

We collaborate with local universities creating stimulating learning experiences for students majoring in medicine, science and technology, as well as the humanities.

Our Art School offers more than 100 informative and energizing classes each week.

Art matters
Play your part.
Please support arts education for adults.

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Exceptional places are distinguished by extraordinary art.

Boca Raton is filled with creative and caring people who understand the significant role that art and culture play in developing an educated, stimulating and economically vital community.

The Boca Museum of Art plays our part.  We provide outstanding creative and educational opportunities because art matters.

If art matters to you, please play your part.

Your generous contribution will help the Museum’s educational programs enrich the lives of thousands of people in our community.

Art matters
Play your part.
Please support arts education in your community.

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