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West African Tribal Art and Oceanic Art


The African art collection, which numbers more than 300 objects, is among the more important collections of African art in the state, representing all major art-producing regions of sub-Saharan Africa, including artworks from Mali, CŰte díIvoire, Liberia, Burkina Faso, Guinea, Cameroon, Nigeria, and Zaire. The collection comprises gifts acquired over 20 years from numerous collectors,including 60 pieces from the Arthur Steinman Collection, Boca Raton, and continuing gifts from collectors throughout the United States.

The collection is permanently displayed in the Museumís ethnographic galleries, located on the second floor of the Museum. The strength of the collection is in West African ritual masks and figures, accoutrements of leadership, ritual objects, clothing and textiles, stools and other utilitarian objects with most of the collection dating from within the last 100 years. Works are displayed in ceiling-to-floor built in glass vitrines custom-made by Glasbau Hahn in Germany, as well as custom designed freestanding vitrines for optimal viewing. Didactic panels, text labels, maps, and gallery guide handouts enhance the learning experience. The Museumís African holdings provide strong teaching exhibitions for school groups grade 8-12, introducing systems of iconography, religious, social and political traditions.

Female mask, Gu, Guro, Ivory Coast, Wood. Gifts of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Steinman. Permanent Collection  1993.126

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