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Monday, March 10, 2014
Boca Museumís Juried Outdoor Art FestivalÖ28 years and going strong!

Art seekers look at bronze flower sculptures at Boca Museum Art FestivalWhat makes the Boca Museum’s Art Festival important and vital to the community? South Florida in February is resplendent with festivals of all flavors for visitors and residents alike. Choosing how to spend your weekend in this sunshine paradise can pose a dilemma. Of course we think Boca Raton is paradise and Mizner Park is the spot inside this paradise. But we also believe Art Matters. This sounds like a cliché but it is the mantra we at the Museum espouse when creating events, programs and of course exhibitions. The Boca Museum of Art started our festival over 28 years ago and decided to set the bar high for inclusion in the festival. As a nonprofit cultural institution, it’s paramount that we engage the community, enrich people’s lives and help fund our organization. This outdoor festival has continually hit these marks.

This year the Museum held its 28th Annual Juried Outdoor Art Festival on February 8 & 9. With over 230 artists showcasing their artwork and thousands of visitors attending the event, the festival was a complete success in every sense of the word. We cannot thank our VOLUNTEERS (community & staff) enough for the 200+ hours of dedicated assistance. And the festival would not be the same without the art; we want to thank all of the artists who participated as well.

Families relax at Boca Museum Juried Art FestivalThe event gives artists the opportunity to expose and sell their artwork, and it allows the community to engage with the art, the artists, and each other, not to mention the chance to take home a newly purchased art piece or two. The Museum also benefits by being able to fulfill its mission of celebrating, presenting, and inspiring creativity.

Juried festivals are fairly common and offer artists recognition and if they are lucky a cash prize to boot. And so we come to the really unique aspect of our festival. This year we are proud to have enlisted Marisa Pascucci the Museum’s Curator of 20th Century and Contemporary Art as our juror. A curator’s job requires a breadth of knowledge and skill in accessing and selecting exceptional contributions to the art world.

Booths line Mizner Park at Boca Museum Outdoor Art FestivalJurying a competition is no easy task! Marisa explains, “Being asked to judge 200+ booths featuring the work of so many talented artists and their fascinating art is a blessing and a curse—while looking at art gives me great joy, it’s a huge challenge to say the least to narrow it down to a Best in Show and nine Merit Awards. I could’ve easily awarded Merit prizes for truly exceptional and significant artwork to at least 50 of the participants as opposed to 10.”

For all those who missed the juried results CLICK HERE to see the recap.

As a final note… hope to see you next year in paradise!

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